Scott is married with two sons and six grandchildren. Here he is with his wife Nancy at Lake Meade, NV.

About the Author

Education - Scott Lowden received a BA from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut and LLB (JD) from Harvard University School of Law, Cambridge, Massachusetts. He studied at the University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, under a Fulbright Fellowship. He has been licensed to practice law in Texas, North Carolina and Massachusetts.

Career Highlights - Scott began his career as an attorney in the law department of United Fruit Company, then located in Boston, drafting and negotiating corporate acquisition agreements, providing antitrust advice to management and dealing in a variety of company matters in Central America. Subsequently, Scott joined the Law Department of Textron Inc., with headquarters in Providence, Rhode Island. There he worked with corporate securities laws, wage and price control regulations and foreign direct investment controls. He provided legal support to some of Textron’s largest industrial divisions engaged in selling and licensing operating plants for the production of steel, brass and aerospace fasteners under turnkey contracts to government trade organizations in Russia and other former Soviet bloc countries.

At age 35 Scott took a position as Vice President and General Counsel of Korf Industries, Inc., a German/Kuwaiti-owned, company engaged in the worldwide production of steel and in the sale of turnkey plants used in deoxidizing iron ore for use in steelmaking. He managed the company’s law and risk management departments at its headquarters in Charlotte, NC and its government relations department based in Washington, DC. He participated in lobbying efforts for the company working independently and through the American Iron and Steel Institute to regulate dumping and below-cost imports of wire rod into the United States. Scott also continued his foreign contracting activities, drafting and negotiating licenses and turnkey plant purchase contracts of his company’s proprietary Midrex direct reduction plants in a variety of countries, including  Japan, Taiwan, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, Iraq, Egypt and Oman.

Scott moved to Dallas to organize and manage a new law department for the Special Asset Bank formed under the joint direction of NCNB Texas (now Bank of America) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In this capacity, he hired thirty lawyers and managed more than 300 independent law firms engaged in the workout and litigation efforts necessary to resolve the troubled assets of the failed First Republic Bank Corporation. When the Special Asset Bank was dissolved, Scott was named Vice President-Law at AMR Corporation, the parent company of American Airlines.

After serving as a senior executive and the head of legal departments for two Fortune 100 companies, Scott left corporate employment to practice on his own. His current practice concentrates on corporate and international trade law, corporate governance and the mediation of legal disputes.

Scott has written articles for the Harvard International Law Review, the University of Colorado Law Review, The Business Lawyer of the American bar Association and The Texas Lawyer on subjects ranging from international trade to the use of mediation for resolving internal and external corporate conflicts. He is the author of Import Transactions and Customs Compliance, which was published and released for distribution in May, 2013.