Import Transactions and Customs Compliance is a single reference source for understanding the importing process into the U.S. and is designed to give attorneys and import specialists some practical methods and model documents to anticipate and control the risks inherent in importing goods. The book is currently used as a textbook by colleges offering degrees in international business and trade.*

Prudent importing strategy is all about controlling each transaction with the seller and any intermediaries in the course of purchasing your goods from abroad. Contracts drafted by your suppliers of goods and services do not usually have good outcomes for you when they are tested. In most cases you can and should make every effort to write your own contracts and take the decisions that give you the most control over your purchase transaction.

Part 1 analyzes and guides you through the transactional phase of importing. Part 2 deals with the spectrum of regulatory compliance obligations you will need to know to enter your imported goods into the United States.

The entry of your products into the United State requires you to be compliant with a variety of regulations enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on its own behalf and on behalf of other federal agencies concerned with the entry of goods or contraband into the United States. Your compliance will take quite an effort.

The book will help you navigate the process you will encounter step by step in time as you deal with foreign suppliers, freight forwarders, brokers, carriers, banks and other service providers to make your purchase. It will help you make these purchases in a way that satisfies an astonishing array of regulations enforced by U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other federal agencies.

*Schools and colleges interested in ordering the book as a textbook should contact the author about special pricing and order procedures.

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